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* Today's Thought-Provoking Quote

* Why Getting Help With Snoring Saves Lives

* Quick Sleep Apnea Facts

* Emergency Preparation

* Final Thoughts for Today's Chat: Squirrels Don't Procrastinate

Today's Thought-Provoking Quote

"There is not much difference, really, between the squirrel laying up nuts and the man laying up money. Like the squirrel, the man... at least at the trying to provide for his basic needs. I don't know much about squirrels, but I think they know when they have enough nuts. In this way they are superior to men, who often don't know when they have enough, and frequently gamble away what they have in the empty hope of getting more."

Bernard M. Baruch, financier, philanthropist, and consultant to U.S. Presidents.

Why Getting Help With Snoring Saves Lives

I came across an interesting video a while back. It shows quite clearly why snoring is such a red flag for the dangerous symptoms of sleep apnea. Getting help with snoring can often nip further serious health problems in the bud.

This video from the National Institutes of Health lasts about 4 minutes or so. If you snore and are always tired, watch this video. If you have a friend or family member who needs help with snoring or sleep apnea, pass this email along to them. They will thank you for it.

Click here to watch the video.

And for more help with snoring, see my three articles: What Causes Snoring? These Eight Main Factors and Discover How to Avoid Snoring...Starting Tonight and Do You Snore and Smoke? Then Try This for Help With Snoring.

Quick Sleep Apnea Facts

* Estimates are that up to 18 million Americans suffer from the symptoms of sleep apnea.

* Anywhere from 10 to 16 million people with sleep apnea have never been diagnosed.

* Having sleep apnea triples a person's chances of being in a car accident.

* Adults with sleep apnea symptoms are at greater risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

For more helpful information, see my article 23 Dangerous or Unhealthy Sleep Apnea Symptoms.

Emergency Preparation

Here's an idea that will help you sleep better at night: be prepared for what life throws at you.

For example.

As I write this, the area I live in here in Georgia is not only under a tornado warning, but also a flood warning. I try to stay as prepared as possible but am often amazed at how nonchalant people are about disaster preparation.

So I thought I'd send you a short guide on emergency preparation I prepared. It will give you good tips on emergency kits and disaster preparation. It also has some good websites you can visit. Download the Emergency Preparation report here.

Final Thought for Today's Chat:
Squirrels Don't Procrastinate

As fall quickly approaches, I've been watching the numerous squirrels around my home gather nuts for the winter...and fortify their nests with leaves and twigs.

It dawned on me that squirrels don't procrastinate. They can't afford to. Can you imagine a squirrel saying, “Ah, screw winter. I'm sick of scurrying around burying acorns. I'll worry about it when it snows.”

Never happens.

But humans? They don't prepare for disasters. They don't back up their computers. They don't save for old age and retirement. Or start little Internet businesses that can provide for their financial futures. It's all too much work.

So in light of Bernard Baruch's quote above and my recent squirrel observations, take Do something about snoring. Get healthier with exercise. Make some emergency preparation. Read the course I emailed you a few weeks back on building a profitable Internet business.

And “when you have enough,” as Baruch says, you can relax a little, and sleep better at night.

Until next time, be squirrely.

I'm outta' here. Life is a journey. Keep exploring.


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