7 Memory Foam Topper Tips

by Rhnda
(Southern Illinois)


I am thinking seriously about purchasing a memory foam mattress topper and I don't really know what I'm doing. I am overweight so I need something supportive and I have hot flashes so I don't want something that retains excessive heat. Is there any kind of memory foam topper than can give me what I need in these areas?


Hi Rhnda,

There are seven things you need to know for buying a memory foam topper.

1. The main purpose of a memory foam topper is to make an uncomfortable mattress more comfortable. If a mattress is too firm, a topper can help soften the sleeping surface.

2. However, it's important to keep in mind that a topper must sit on a surface that is relatively flat. Many people buy a topper because they cannot afford or do not want to spend money on a new mattress. That's okay. But if the underlying mattress is old, lumpy, and sagging, the topper will conform to the indentations of the mattress.

Of course, a topper works great on the floor too. Or on a sofa bed. I'm assuming though that you intend to put it on your current mattress.

3. A term you will see about memory foam is density. Density is a measurement of how much the foam weighs. Memory foam mattresses and toppers with a density of 3, 4, and 5 will usually last longer because they are more durable. It used to be that a density of 5 was very important.

However, memory foam technology is improving every day. I think density is becoming less of an issue. If, that is, and this is important, you are dealing with a good memory foam company that is using new technology in their foam.

4. As for sleeping hot, especially for you with your hot flashes: Sleeping hot is a common complaint of memory foam mattresses and toppers. Memory foam is made of millions of cells. Companies that are using memory foam with smaller, dense cells, will tend to have memory foam that sleeps hotter.

Fortunately, as I stated, technology is changing. It is now possible to enlarge memory foam cells to allow better air circulation. Air can pass freely through the larger cells and keep the memory foam cooler so you don't sleep hot.

What you want is a visco memory foam that uses large, open cells in their memory foam.

5. Toxic chemicals. Now to me, one of the most important factors is the foam itself. I personally do not want to sleep on a memory foam topper or mattress that is full of toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, there is a lot of toxic foam on the market. Things are getting better, but you still have to be careful.

If toxic chemicals in memory foam concerns you too, I suggest making certain your topper is certified pure. CertiPUR-US is an independent testing company that tests the toxicity of foam products to make sure they are safe. They do not sell anything.

You can read about CertiPUR-US here and to see various companies that have been certified.

6. Another thing to remember is that you must get the same size topper as you have with your mattress. For example, if your mattress is a queen, your topper must also be a queen.

However, an interesting thing some people are doing these days is getting a memory foam topper only for their side of the bed. For example, suppose they have a king size bed. Their bed partner has no interest in a topper. So they get a twin for their half of the bed.

It's not a perfect solution but I guess it works for some people.

7. Now let's address the overweight issue. This is where I think memory foam toppers have their downside. A memory foam mattress has several layers that can help support extra weight. On the other hand, a topper only has one layer of three or four inches.

That's where the importance of a good mattress the topper is sitting on comes into play. If you have a good firm mattress, a high quality topper may provide good support and comfort for someone who is overweight.

So what do you do with this information? I really think it comes down to your budget and also how good your mattress is.

If you think the mattress you have is on its last legs and not supportive, I would recommend you go get a new mattress from Saatva. They are the best luxury discount mattress company on the Internet, in my opinion. Click here to go to Saatva Inc.

Or you can read what I have written about them by clicking this link: What is the Best Mattress

Saatva has a memory foam layer within their mattresses. They are not strictly a memory foam mattress.

If you think your mattress is still in decent shape, I would suggest a memory foam topper 3 inches thick with a density of four pounds. A company that makes a luxury topper, with advanced open cell technology, is Nature's Sleep.

Click here to go to the Nature's Sleep home page: Nature's Sleep

I hope this information has been helpful to you.

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