How to Fall Asleep Fast: Relaxation and Natural Sleeping Pills

I've given you ten tips in Part 1 and Part 2 that can show you how to fall asleep fast. In Part 3, you get four more tips.

I'm going to show you how having an evening routine can reduce the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep. We'll look at relaxation combined with natural sleeping pills.

It's a powerful combination.

Tip #11: Develop good rituals and routines

Doing yoga at night is a tip on how to fall asleep fast

This how to fall asleep fast tip has to do with simple math. Suppose you know you need eight hours sleep every day to feel good and you have to be up by 6 a.m. That means that at 10 p.m., your head has to be on that pillow heading for dreamland.

Unfortunately, unless you've prepared your mind for sleep, you may not be able to drift off and will toss and turn...even if your body is dead tired. The key is to develop an evening routine that helps you wind down at the end of your hectic day.

How? By 9 p.m., you should turn off the television. Avoid the news. Get off the computer. Turn off your cell phone. Stop working.

Winding down after you get into bed is NOT how to fall asleep fast.

So consider having an evening ritual that you get used to. Make it a habit. One that trains your body for sleep and helps you relax the best.

Consider pleasant reading. Meditation. Deep breathing. Some nice pleasant music. Some light yoga an hour or so before bed. Or a cup of chamomile tea a few hours before bedtime may also help you wind down.

In addition...

Tip #12 on How to Fall Asleep Fast: Try progressive muscle relaxation

Many studies are showing that something called progressive muscle relaxation is an excellent “how to fall asleep fast” technique. It works to de-stress your body.

I like to do this after I've done my yoga.

First, lie down on your back, either on the floor or in your bed. Breathe deeply a couple of times. Close your eyes. Then, starting at your toes, just imagine your feet are getting totally relaxed. They're melting. Then your legs. And on up your body, every muscle fiber is melting into relaxation.

I like to imagine a white light of peace moving gently from my toes up to my head. Slowly letting go of all tension.

As an alternative, you can tense each muscle group for 10 seconds, and then relax for 20 seconds. For example, tense your arms for 10 seconds, then completely relax for 20 seconds.

When you get the hang of this, you will feel like you are floating on a cloud.

Now imagine this: doing progressive muscle relaxation after taking one of the following powerful natural sleeping pills as part of your evening routine. Talk about how to fall asleep fast!

Tip #13: Safe, natural sleeping pills that DO NOT contain melatonin

I've identified a few natural sleeping aids that are good remedies for how to fall asleep fast. The one below I'm recommending because it may be the best natural sleep aid that does not contain melatonin.

That's important for two reasons.

First, only about a third to half of the people who take melatonin for sleep benefit from it.

Second, many parents do not like to give melatonin for kids. So here's a good, scientific alternative that uses several herbal remedies for insomnia I've written about on Sleep Passport.

  • These natural sleeping pills can be taken by children as young as 12.

  • They are beneficial for teenagers.

  • For adults, the 49 ingredients work closely together to help provide a deep refreshing sleep that many people say they have not had in years.

  • And, it contains several of the herbs and other ingredients I recommend because they are known to help people who want to know how to fall asleep fast. Some of these ingredients are: valerian extract, hops, passionflower, chamomile, B6, and 5-htp.

Click here for more information on what may be the best natural sleep aid you'll ever try. (Link opens in a new window.)

I highly recommend you visit this website and explore it, even if you have no intention of buying a single thing. It is a wealth of health information.

One of the top biochemists in the world does their research and he has...

...scientifically formulated natural products for the following health concerns:

  • Depression, stress, and anxiety...

  • Beauty products for healthy skin (secrets of Hollywood celebrities!)...

  • Healthy digestion. They have an amazing kiwifruit extract that can put an end to bloating, smelly gas, constipation, and a host of other digestive problems you may be having. There is nothing else like this anywhere.

  • Perhaps the most potent multivitamin in the world (called Total Balance)...

  • Natural support for diabetes...

And many other natural supplements that can have a dramatic effect on helping you reach your full potential in this life. You'll love this website because you take your health seriously.

Tip #14: Safe, natural sleeping pills that DO contain melatonin

As Consumer Reports recently showed, many people respond really well to melatonin and it helps them get to sleep...and stay asleep.

And if you respond well to melatonin supplements...and want to know how to fall asleep fast...the natural sleeping pills I'm recommending next may be just the thing you need.

This supplement combines melatonin, 5-htp, valerian, and passionflower. They've even designed it to be safe for children.

In addition, they've written a free e-book on insomnia you can download from their website that gives you a nice overview of this sleep disorder.

This company has a different selection of supplements than the company I mention in tip 13.

And they are homeopathic and naturopathic health experts who are there to help answer questions you email to them. They are an excellent resource to keep in mind the next time you have a health concern you'd like an answer to.

Click here for their natural sleeping pills that can help you with how to fall asleep fast. (Link opens in a new window.) 

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