Do Homeopathic Sleep Aids Work?

I saw this question about homeopathic sleep aids the other day.

So I decided to read up on homeopathy. And the first question that came to my mind was...

Is homeopathy a hoax?

I ask that because homeopathy is controversial. So let me explain where I'm coming from before I talk about homeopathic sleep aids.

See, there are a few subjects I know a lot about because I'm interested in them and have studied them. Sleep disorders, nutrition, guitar playing (a life-long passion), and writing for example.

There are a lot of things I know absolutely nothing about and never will because I couldn't care less about them.

And there are a few things I know nothing about but am highly skeptical of...yet interested in knowing more.

Homeopathy is one such subject. The idea of healing by using a special solution that has little or no active healing ingredient in it makes me skeptical. But that's what homeopathy is about.

Now, I don't know how you approach subjects you're skeptical about. But a lot of people just stay skeptical without doing any investigation. They say something doesn't work and never will and that's that. Their minds are closed.

I don't approach things that way that I'm skeptical about...

See, when I have a big doubt about something, I like to investigate the facts.

I had a big problem with homeopathy because I was trained in the sciences.

Subjects such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, plant and physical chemistry, human nutrition, anatomy and physiology, including... UGH!...seeing dissections of human beings who left their bodies to medicine so we could learn about the human body.

And I gotta' tell you...

If you've never seen a severed human head on a table, consider yourself lucky!

Anyway, frankly, I never understood homeopathy. Homeopathy sounded like a big hoax to me.

Yet I was reading an article the other day about how it's the second most practiced system of medicine in the world. In some countries, it's the number one health practice. Homeopathy is wildly popular!

Not only that, a doctor I respect, Edward Schneider, M.D., and whose book I really like (see below), had this to say about homeopathy:

“I, along with most other scientists, attribute homeopathy's popularity to a mind-body effect. And why not? There's nothing wrong with using a treatment that works via your mind, especially if that treatment is as gentle and devoid of side effects as homeopathy.”

I admit I'm still somewhat skeptical about homeopathy, but nowhere near as much as I was.

The reason I’m not as skeptical?

Because of the placebo effect. Placebos are used in clinical studies, usually in drug trials.

However, placebos do not contain any of the active drug. In other words, they contain inactive substances such as starch or sugar.

They resemble the drugs they are being tested against, so neither the researchers nor study participants know which pill they are getting.

Researchers are looking to compare the effects of the drug versus the effect of the placebo.

The interesting thing is that some people are highly susceptible to placebos.

As The Merck Manual of Medical Information points out, “Now, the profound effects of placebos, both good and bad, are well known.”

Okay, so do homeopathic sleep aids work?

homeopathic sleep aids

Homeopathic sleep aids do work for some people and not for others.

Just like some herbs and supplements work for some people and not for others. Or some drugs are fine with some people but make other people violently ill.

Whether the effect of homeopathy happens physiologically or psychologically is not known. The reason for this is because from a scientific point of view, in particular, chemistry, there is nothing that can be measured.

The active ingredients in homeopathic remedies are diluted in water to the point where they cannot be measured.

So here’s a suggestion…

Two options for reducing your stress with supplements

The main focus of homeopathic sleep aids is to reduce stress and affect the nervous system.

If you’re interested in trying homeopathy, your first option is to explore what’s available at

You can start with Calms Forté Sleep Aid, which you can see below. Clicking that bottle will take you to Amazon where you can review the product.

Your second option is to try a supplement that is not homeopathic. Neuro-Natural Serenity is loaded with a variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and enzymes.

There is also a lot of good health information at that website you may find interesting.

One final note: Keep in mind it may take several days or weeks to feel the full effect of homeopathic sleep aids…if they work at all for you.

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