Here's A Free Audio for You On SAD Syndrome that I Purchased (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

I would like for you to take a few moments to listen to the audio on SAD syndrome that you see below on this page.

sad syndrome is more common in dreary fall and winter months

I purchased this audio in hopes that it helps you or your loved ones if you have this fall and winter disorder. If you're like me, there are times when you are in the mood to listen to something instead of reading about it.

This short, informative audio book is just over 7 and 1/2 minutes long and gives a good overview of this topic.

At the conclusion of the audio, be sure to also read my series of articles on this topic (if you haven't already done so).


Because even though the audio gives a nice overview for you, it does not go into all of the details that my articles do. So do yourself a favor and read my series of articles also.

Having all this information, you're becoming more in control and you will be able to shift your thoughts to getting the help and treatment resources you need.

In addition, I recently came across a company that has a 100% natural product specifically created to help with the treatment of depression, stress, and anxiety. (This link opens a new window.)

It's possible you may experience excellent results with their Serenity formula, as many people have.

They also have a good, in-depth article about depression, stress, and anxiety that goes into causes, signs and symptoms, as well as conventional versus natural treatments. Well worth reading.

After you click the link above and read about Serenity, look for the search box and simply type in depression or stress or anything else about health you want to know about.

So here's some of what the audio covers:

  • What is this syndrome? (By the way, the technical names for this are seasonal affective disorder or winter depression. But occasionally people also call it seasonal affective depression disorder, seasonal depression disorder, or just seasonal depression.)

  • What are the symptoms? (A nice introduction but my article on the symptoms has a longer list than the audio.)

  • What are the affects of this type of depression?

  • What can family members do to help a member who has been diagnosed with it?

  • Seasonal affective disorder treatment

  • When it comes to treatments, are medications necessary to take year round?

  • What support groups are available? (This is good information you may find very helpful. And this is not in my articles.)

  • What homeopathic remedies are available?

  • What is the relationship between diet and SAD syndrome?

Ready to listen? Great!

There's nothing to download. Nothing to buy. Nothing to opt in to. Nothing you need to give me whatsoever.

It's my gift to you.

Just click the black arrow play button below. Listen and learn. It's just that simple.

Enjoy this presentation on SAD syndrome!

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