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Also, keep in mind that the purpose of healthy sleep is so you can have a richer, fuller life. But so many business owners, retired people, stay at home moms and dads, and people who hate their jobs—or don’t have a job—lose sleep over money.

Guess what? I’ll be blogging on that too.

Because the fact is, poor sleep and worrying about money go hand in hand.

So on the Great Sleep Blog, I’ll share some unique and important money-making strategies that may help you out.

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Two Ways to Keep Your Brain and Memory Sharp

If you’re concerned about forgetfulness and your mind not being as sharp as you think it should be, I have two suggestions:

1. Get more sleep.

2. Challenge your brain and memory.

Not getting enough sleep every night has been shown to dramatically affect your ability to remember things.

The studies show that if you’re sleep deprived, whatever you learn for that day may not consolidate into long-term memory.

Dr. Matthew Walker, in Why We Sleep writes, “A lack of sleep is a deeply penetrating and corrosive force that enfeebles the memory-making apparatus in your brain, preventing you from constructing lasting memory traces.”

To think that remembering things, and forgetting things, and that dreaded dementia are connected to insufficient nightly sleep is a wake-up call for all of us.

So, here is suggestion number two.

Make your mind work!


With challenging puzzles, crosswords, and games. Have fun strengthening your brain cells.

I have found that daily mental stimulation is helping me focus, learn, and remember.

That’s why I recommend a new book on Amazon called Nature Lover’s Puzzles and Games.

I discovered going through this book that some of the puzzles and games were easy and some were hard. Either way it forced my brain and memory to search for clues and answers.

It was fun and mentally entertaining.

The interesting thing is you could even use this book before bedtime to relax and wind-down. That will then help you sleep better, which may help improve your memory.

This book will provide countless hours of entertainment and will delight every member of your family.

I highly recommend challenging your ability to think and remember by checking out Nature Lover’s Puzzles and Games.

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