Sleep and Health and Doing What You Love to Do. That’s What It’s All About. For Example...

Let’s explore the topic of sleep and health together by letting me tell you a brief story.

Detroit skyline in the early 1900s.

It was 1934. Depression years. Very little money around. “Dr. Silver,” my grandfather, was standing on the corner of a hectic, noisy downtown street in the big city of Detroit, Michigan.

He was waiting for a friend who owed him two hundred dollars.

“Hey Silver!” Majeski shouted. “I don’t have the money but I do have something that’s even better. I know you're interested in health and I’ve got a health drink formula you can use to start a business. How ’bout I trade you the formula for the two hundred I owe ’ya.”

“Deal,” said my grandpa. (Gramps knew he’d never see the cash anyway so what the heck...)

And that was the day my grandfather took his passion for health and nutrition and started Vigere Foods, a health and nutrition supplement company. Vigere is Latin for “to flourish, be vigorous.”

My granddaddy took that formula and turned it into Flax-O, a nutrition drink based on the incredible health food flax seeds. He was way ahead of the times, because nowadays, flax is a big deal for health foods.

Gramps had a motto and slogan for his company that he fervently believed in: “America overeats and starves for lack of vital body elements.”

Well guess what...

Silver's Flax-O bottles

Fast Forward 45 Years

A good night’s sleep is also a vital body element.

Yet people all over this pale blue world of ours are starving for peaceful sleep.

They don’t know how to fall asleep. Have trouble staying asleep because of sleep maintenance insomnia. Perhaps they have several sleep apnea symptoms yet don’t know what sleep apnea solutions are available.

Or they ask, “Are natural sleep aids safe?” And “What about over the counter sleep aids?”

That’s where comes in.

Hi, my name is Rich Silver. Who knows, maybe studying topics like sleep and health and nutrition is in my genes. Because in 1979 I went to college to study in a program for students who wanted to go to medical school.

Now I’m publishing so I can help you and your loved ones learn about sleep and health, physical effects of sleep deprivation, sleep apnea treatments, herbal sleep aids, and other sleep remedies.

The interesting thing is that my grandfather, affectionately called “Dr. Silver” by his customers, did the exact same thing I’m doing. He was studying medical books and medical dictionaries and publishing his health newsletter, The Vigere-O-Gram, back in the 1930s.

That was long before health newsletters and health magazines were cramming your mailbox, filling local newsstands, and being published on the Internet.

The guy was way ahead of the times.

With, I’m following in my grandfather’s footsteps and carrying on his legacy by publishing excellent, vital information about sleep and health, sleep disorders, and sleep supplements. Here's how:

Vast Health Background

  • I’ve been studying and writing about health and nutrition on and off for over 30 years. (; The Magic of Resveratrol; 48 Supernutrients; Simple, Natural Solutions To Better Sleep; Chlorella; The Effects of Vitamin C on Cholesterol Metabolism and Heart Disease; and others.)

  • I went to college and studied in a program for students who wanted to go to medical school. I chose—naturally—to focus on natural health and nutrition as my major area of study. (I graduated and decided not to go on to med school, case you’re wondering.)

  • My belief was and is this: To understand health, you have to know the science behind it. That’s why I studied organic chemistry, physical chemistry, plant chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, human nutrition, exercise physiology, and human anatomy and physiology.

  • I was a nutrition counselor in a health clinic. Worked with two physicians and a physician assistant.

  • I also worked as a Food Program Specialist in the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Department. It was my job to make certain children in the inner cities and on Indian Reservations—Native American if you prefer—received proper nutritional meals and health education.

    [SIDE NOTE: If you don’t like the term Indian, please don’t get riled up. I spent a year studying in a Native American studies program that was led by Mary Ellen Hillaire, a great teacher, leader, and elder of the Lummi tribe. One of the deepest human beings I ever met.]

  • I have worked with the health publishing experts at Rodale, publishers of Prevention magazine and numerous cutting-edge health books.

  • I’ve worked with the company of Dr. Andrew Weil, called “America’s best-known doctor” by The New York Times.

  • In addition, for my research, I’ve interviewed several world-renowned scientists, including those from Harvard Medical School and the prestigious Linus Pauling Institute. (I actually met Dr. Linus Pauling.)

  • And I first became interested in the science of sleep and health in 1999 when I read The Promise of Sleep by sleep pioneer and expert William C. Dement, M.D., Ph.D.

Living to 90 and Beyond

My grandfather died at age 90. He ran his health and nutrition company for several decades until he retired. And it is my fervent wish that I bring to you the sleep and health information you need to flourish, be vigorous, and reach 90 and beyond. is only the beginning. Because I will show you how having all the facts about sleep from the sleep experts will help you live the life you want to live.

In the many days and months ahead, I will show you how sleep and health and nutrition go together like peanut butter and jelly and bread. Neglect sleep and your health suffers. Eat poorly and have lousy nutrition and your sleep suffers.

Make no mistake. There is a wholeness to life. All the pieces must work together.

One Thing’s Also for Sure About Sleep and Health

Both of these topics are serious business. Your life, productivity, and financial well-being all depend on consistently getting a great night’s sleep.

And as I said at the top of this letter to you, it’s all about doing what you love to do with your one and only life.

I happen to enjoy reading about sleep and health. I like to take the research in the medical newsletters and nutrition journals, make it simple to understand, and then share the information with people like you.

Here’s the bottom line. Sleep is a vehicle that drives you to better places in your life. is your personal driver.

So stick around. Subscribe to my free ezine, Sleep Chat to stay current on my writings.

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Rich Silver, health writer and Sleep Passport owner

In other words, stamp your ticket and welcome aboard!

Life is a journey. Keep exploring.

Rich Silver

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