Best mattress underneath a memory foam topper

by Linda

I am looking to buy a new mattress. I have a memory foam topper that I presently use. It's 4 inches and 4 pound density. What kind of mattress should I buy since I will use the topper on it?

I was told to buy a plush, but no pillow top by a salesman. My husband and I are seniors and not skinny!! Please help so we don't buy the wrong kind of mattress!! Thank you very much.

Rich's answer about what mattress to use underneath a memory foam topper

Hi Linda,

Since you are planning on using your four inch memory foam topper on top of the mattress, your first consideration should be mattress height.

You don't want to end up with a bed height that is difficult for you and your husband to get in and out of.

For that reason, you should consider a mattress that is 11.5 inches high. In a moment, I'll show you where to get excellent information on determining what height your mattress and foundation should be.

First though, how would you like a luxury mattress...and get it at a discount price?

The world's finest hotels use the luxury firm comfort level. An 11.5 inch luxury firm could work well for you.

The luxury firm model I have in mind for you will work well because you say you and your husband are not skinny. Luxury firm will give you a cushion comfort and will support any body weight.

In addition, with luxury firm, it won't matter whether you are side, back, or stomach sleepers.

Also, with the luxury firm, you won't even need the memory foam topper, unless you really want to keep sleeping on it. You can try it with or without the topper and see what you like best.

Here's another thing many people don't realize.

The most durable and best mattresses that use a coil system will encase the coils in foam. Then when you add to this a top-notch memory foam inner layer within the mattress, you end up with excellent back support.

It's the best of all worlds: Pressure relief. Excellent lower back support. Plush comfort. And a top-of-the-line coil system that will contour to any body shape.

The best place to buy a luxury discount mattress online as I have just described is Saatva, Inc. (See below for a link to their home page and also an article I wrote about them.)

I don't know what size mattress you need or what price you want to pay. As an example though, Saatva's ultra-luxury queen model is only $899. In a store you would end up paying over $2,000.

Saatva uses organic cotton in their mattresses. And their memory foam layer within the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified to be safe from harmful chemicals.

Also, I mentioned earlier about bed height. Here's where to get more information about that. First, click here to go to Saatva's home page. (This will open a new window so you won't lose what you're reading here.)

Next, on their home page, click on the SHOP NOW tab. Under item 2 called Select Your Mattress Size, there are several excellent tips on choosing the right mattress height and foundation.

This is essential information that will ensure you choose the bed height that is just right for you.

Finally, here's a link where you can read an informative article I wrote about Saatva. It's called What is the Best Mattress for You? There is also a helpful report there that I wrote called The How to Buy A Mattress Checklist.

Thanks for writing Linda. And happy shopping to you!

Rich Silver

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