Best memory foam mattress for breathing problems?

A reader sent me the following question: Is memory foam safe if you have emphysema (i.e., breathing in the fumes)?

Here is my answer.

It depends on the quality of the memory foam.

It's quite possible that memory foam that is full of chemicals could aggravate emphysema and make the lungs work harder. Difficulty breathing can be one of the hazards of toxic memory foam.

Some people also experience headaches, throat and sinus irritations, fits of coughing, and even asthma attacks. And the stench the memory foam puts off, called off gassing, can sometimes last for weeks.

In effect, these chemicals create a sort of indoor pollution in your bedroom. As you may already know, people with emphysema would do well to avoid highly polluted areas.

It has been reported that some memory foam products contain and emit up to 61 chemicals. These include cancer causing agents such as benzene and naphthalene.

So the question is, what to do about this? If someone has emphysema or other breathing problems, but also wants to sleep on memory foam, where do they go?

Fortunately, there are companies that have taken great strides to create memory foam products that are free of harmful chemicals. I've written about these companies on my website. I'll mention them again below if you haven't read my articles.

There is also a company called CertiPUR-US that tests these products. One of the things CertiPUR-US tests for is Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which are a major source of pollution. If the product passes their vigorous testing, the foam company becomes CertiPUR-US certified. This means the foam products are considered safe from harmful chemicals.

You can get an excellent memory foam mattress from Loom & Leaf.

They are CertiPUR-US certified.

The covering on their mattresses is organic cotton.

Their memory foam uses a cooling gel so you’ll stay comfortable.

You can try the mattress out at home for 120 days and they offer an outstanding return policy.

And if this is important to you, you can get 0% financing.

All a good deal for you and worth checking out.

Click here to see Loom & Leaf.

If you don’t want 100% memory foam, you should take a look at the luxury Saatva mattresses.

Saatva provides the best discount mattress online. They have a unique design that incorporates memory foam for support with a Euro Pillow top.

You can get a fabulous queen mattress for only $999. The same type of mattress in one of the stores would run you over $2,000. You can read my review of Saatva here.

Or click this link to go directly to Saatva Inc. Saatva is CertiPUR-US certified.

If you're looking for a good memory foam topper, check out Nature's Sleep. They also have memory foam mattresses. And they too are Certi-PUR-US certified.

One final comment. Mattress shopping is such a headache with all the high pressure tactics the stores use. So I wrote a free special report on mattress buying.

Click here for The How to Buy A Mattress Checklist and it will instantly show up on your computer screen so you can save it. This guide will help you shop and give you tips for what to watch out for when mattress shopping.

Thanks for writing. You have asked a question that I think will help a lot of people avoid toxic memory foam. Take care.

Rich Silver

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Glad I could help!
by: Rich Silver


I'm delighted that my article on breathing problems and toxic memory foam helped you out.

Nothing pleases me more than knowing the information I publish is helping people lead healthier lives.

Thank you for taking a moment to send me your comment. I really appreciate it!

Thank you! Your article really helped me.
by: Stephanie HP

I have been using a memory foam mattress for years and my asthma, headaches, sinus problems every night and chest pains have been getting worse and worse! My son alerted me to the possible connection after reading your article.

So I would just like to say thank you! I will now follow your link's and look into changing my mattress.

Kind regards

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