Don't Buy a Memory Foam Mattress?

by Judy Burley
(AK, NZ)

Watch out people if you buy a memory foam mattress. I have two that have sagged either side, leaving a hump in the middle.

Our newish bed, super king, now has indents either side where we sleep, with a hump in the middle of the bed. We feel uncomfortable in this bed, as the hump feels like climbing a hill.

I am now looking to get a new bed, again, and going for a firm bed that wont hump, with a memory foam topper about 4 inches thick. I have a bed like this at our holiday apt in Hawaii, and its fantastic, and hasn't sagged or humped.

I am going to see if I can get commercial, as I never see a hotel bed with sagging or humping. How come???

Hi Judy,

Sorry to hear you've had bad luck with your memory foam mattresses. People seem to either love them or hate them. Many people with back, neck, and shoulder pain seem to do well on memory foam because of the way they relieve pressure points.

I have an article on my website called What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain. It talks about studies that have been done with memory foam.

Your memory foam should not be forming a hump in the middle, especially if it is fairly new. And memory foam that leaves indentations rather than springing back sounds defective to me. You don't say where you bought the mattress, but if it is still under warranty, you should contact the company where you got it.

As for hotels, most hotels do not have memory foam mattresses. And good hotels cannot afford to have mattresses that sag or bulge or it will ruin their reputation. Almost nothing ruins a vacation more than poor sleep on a lousy mattress.

An eco-friendly, pressure relief mattress

If you don't want to buy a memory foam mattress that is 100% memory foam, and are looking for a commercial-style mattress, you might like Saatva.

These are eco-friendly mattresses that use a double coil system with a layer of high quality memory foam inside the mattress. It's a comfortable, pressure relief mattress that reduces lower back stress and tension.

People find these mattresses so comfortable, you won't even need a mattress topper of memory foam on it. Instead, these mattresses have a built in Euro pillow top for added cushioning. However, if you still want to put a topper on, you can.

The mattresses are anti-allergenic, covered with organic cotton, and they provide excellent air flow through the mattress to keep it cool. You say you're looking to get a firm bed. Saatva has three different comfort levels, including luxury firm and firm.

Judy, the best part of all this is the price. You're going to be shocked to discover this really is America's best-priced luxury mattress. Here's a link to their website: Saatva.

Good luck and happy sleeping!

Rich Silver

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