Memory Foam Mattress is toooo Hot!

by Pat
(Alamogordo NM USA)


We currently have a memory form mattress that is a medium firm 11 inch. I am considering purchasing a cool gel memory topper, a 3 inch 4lb density just for the relief of heat. Question is, will the memory foam mattress be firm enough to support a topper?

Thanks, Pat

Answer from Rich Silver at

Hi Pat,

A memory foam topper needs to be placed on a flat surface that is smooth and solid. The problem people run into with toppers is putting them on a mattress that has deep indentations or is sagging.

So as long as your memory foam mattress is still in good shape, the topper will work well on top of your mattress. Typically an 11-inch memory foam mattress such as yours has a good support core of around 8 inches.

Also, make certain that the topper you buy is the same size as the underlying mattress. For example, a queen topper on a queen mattress.

Here are the standard mattress sizes:

California King is 72" wide x 84" long

King is 76" wide x 80" long

Queen is 60" wide x 80" long

Full or Double is 54" wide x 75" long

Twin is 38" to 39" wide x 75" long

The other thing I always recommend when buying memory foam products is this: check to see if the mattress, topper, or pillow has been certified to be free of toxic chemicals.

If you read reviews of memory foam products, you'll often find people complaining about the horrible odor their memory foam mattress or topper is putting off. These inferior products contain harmful chemicals and those chemical smells can last for several weeks.

One way to avoid getting stuck with toxic memory foam is to see if the foam product you are thinking of buying has been certified pure by CertiPUR-US. This is an independent company that tests foam products for toxins.

Companies that have been certified are allowed to display the CertiPUR-US seal of approval on their websites. You can read about CertiPUR-US here.

The issue of toxic memory foam is very important. It's the reason why I recommend Nature's Sleep memory foam toppers and Saatva Inc discount luxury mattresses. Both are CertiPUR-US certified companies.

Finally, here's another tip most people are not aware of. To increase the life span of your memory foam topper, flip it over on the other side every two weeks.

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