Memory Foam Pad for Motorcycle Camper Traveling

by George
(Hubbardston, MA)

Would a memory foam topper be good as a primary mattress in a motorcycle camper? I have limited space and weight restrictions.

Rich's answer from

Hi George,

That's a good idea to get a memory foam pad or topper for comfort in your mini-camper. Those mini-campers for motorcycles are pretty nifty, the way they unfold like a tent.

I've seen several of them come through my small town pulled behind motorcycles as they head towards the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Now, you haven’t told me how much weight you can carry. Or how heavy you are.

Even so, let’s check out three options for you.

If you use a high quality memory foam pad (also known as a topper), you may find it will work as a primary mattress. Especially if you can keep it flat when your camper is all packed up and ready to roll.

Just keep in mind that a memory foam pad is designed to go on top of a mattress. However, you’re camping so you have to make some concessions on the road.

Here’s what I recommend.

In general, the higher the density of a topper, the better quality they tend to be. They also last longer. Most people seem to gravitate to a 3 inch 4 pound density memory foam topper.

On the down side in your case, higher density memory foam is also heavier than regular non-memory foam or lower density memory foam. Since weight is an issue for you, you need to find a balance between comfort and lower weight.

So I think a topper of around 3 to 3.5 pound density is probably going to be your sweet spot.

In terms of thickness, to keep weight down, go with a 2.5 inch to 3 inch topper.

My hope is that this thickness and density is enough so you don’t bottom out the topper and hit the underlying metal bed platform of the camper.

Option 1: Two toppers to consider as your primary mattress

1. The 3 inch, 3 pound density, ventilated memory foam mattress topper from Lucid.

Here’s a link to Amazon so you can check it out.

2. The 2.5 inch, 3.5 pound density Cool IQ memory foam mattress topper from Nature’s Sleep.

Here’s the Amazon link to check that one out.

Option 2: The Bag of Comfort

Now in this case, you will want to use this topper on top of something else, perhaps an air mattress that came with your camper. So it won’t be a good primary mattress.

Yet, this might be really comfortable.

The memory foam company Sleep Innovations makes something they call a Bag of Comfort. Stuffed in a laundry bag is a twin memory foam topper and a gel memory foam cluster pillow. It comes in regular and XL twin size.

Nothing fancy here because the topper is only one inch thick. I don’t know the density.

For travelers, it’s a fairly decent product because it adds some comfort to your sleep and will take the edge off a hard sleeping surface.
Just don’t expect a luxury memory foam experience that you’d get with a three inch, four-pound density topper.

I know you have limited space so the best feature for you is that you can roll the memory foam topper up and stick it back in the travel bag.
It’s light weight, probably a few pounds or so.

Another bonus of this memory foam topper is that it comes with a gel memory foam cluster pillow.

This is a type of memory foam pillow where the memory foam is chopped up into little “clusters” rather than being a whole piece of memory foam.

Mixed in with the clusters are gel beads that are supposed to keep you cool.

One interesting thing about memory foam cluster pillows is they can be squashed up into any shape that suits you. Great for side sleepers and back sleepers. And people who sleep on their stomachs can flatten it out.

It’s not the greatest memory foam travel pillow, but it does the job for traveling light. Some people hate these things. Some people love ´em.

One final point.

After you get the Bag of Comfort, let the topper and pillow air out for a day or two before you go traveling with it. The topper does have an odor. It’s not surprising that memory foam has a slight odor because it is manufactured using the synthetic material, polyurethane.

However, I did check and Sleep Innovations is certified by CertiPUR as containing non-toxic foam without harmful chemicals. That’s good news.

That means the odor (called off gassing) is a harmless smell due to the foam being new.

Here’s a link to the Sleep Innovations XL twin Bag of Comfort at Amazon.

Option 3: Fold it and go

A heavier option than option 2 is to go with a memory foam mattress that folds. Below you see the three-inch thick, tri-fold memory foam topper from Lucid. Weighs around 15 pounds.

This will give you more support than the one inch above but obviously you’re carrying more weight, something you’re trying to keep low. People do use these for camping, by the way.

Lucid memory foam is also certified by CertiPUR as being non-toxic and without harmful chemicals. Again though, air it out for a day or so after you open the box to help the harmless odor dissipate.

Click this link to see it.

Be safe out there on the road.

Rich Silver

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